Professor Andrew Groves, who teaches on the Menswear MA course, has been quoted in an article published by The Evening Standard about the future of fashion graduates in 2020.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, students from the Menswear MA were unable to show their work at a physical graduate fashion show and instead took part in the digital London Fashion Week.

About students working on the show during the pandemic, Professor Groves said: “Although we had to teach online for the last ten weeks, this has, if anything, spurred on our students' creativity. I've been astonished by their resilience as the world has faced the global pandemic of coronavirus, but equally amazed by their creative response as they found new ways of using fashion to engage audiences around issues of identity, equality, and representation."

Ten Westminster fashion graduates were asked about their experiences as graduates this year, what it has taught them about creativity and inspiration and how it has impacted their creative process.

One student, Tumisola Ladega, said: ?"The pandemic has really opened my eyes to the importance of self-development and honing in on my creativity. With so many shops closing and job losses, I've realised that I can't be only dependant on making clothes for consumption but instead learning about how I can improve my skill and perfect my craft for means of expression and provision. I hope that these recent events can help fashion to further explore new possibilities and innovations, pushing designers and creatives to operate out of their comfort zones with a more open mindset and less conventional approach to fashion."

Read the full article on The Evening Standard website.

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